October 19th

Buechel Stone: Natural Full & Thin Stone Veneers: Best Practices on Sustainability AIA Presentation

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“Natural Full & Thin Stone Veneers: Best Practices on Sustainability” will describe the qualities of natural building stone and best practices associated with the quarrying, fabrication and product selection processes that support historically accurate aesthetics and sustainable design. Participants will acquire insights about the natural stone industry’s advocacy for social, economic and environmental responsibility while providing this valued building material for architectural use.

After completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Determine the sustainable and environmentally responsible attributes of natural building stone; in support of LEED construction objectives and long-term GREEN building philosophies.
  • Identify different quarrying processes and best practices in alignment with regulatory standards and ethics; optimized resource management; waste reduction; and environmental preservation while promoting overall economic growth.
  • Evaluate the most effective methods for cutting, extracting, and fabricating natural building stone; and highlight the importance of investing in technology, quality equipment, employee safety, and the strategic use and reuse of limestone-infused water while preparing natural building stone for architectural projects.
  • Distinguish between two typical applications/installations used in natural stone masonry – full and thin veneer; and recognize product selection processes/patterns with respect to historical accuracy and sustainability.


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